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Firewire Helium Technology

The new HELIUM Technology builds on the Future Shapes Technology (FST) platform and takes it to the next level

Firewire Helium Stubby Bastard by Jon Pyzel

Firewire has always pushed the envelope in surfboard design and materials. FST has been an integral part of Firewire's success to date. It is the only alternative surfboard technology that has won multiple WSL Tour events, and has also been enjoyed by thousands of surfers around the world for years.


HELIUM combines a new high density composite sandwich skin material with a redesigned parabolic rail that includes both Balsa and Paulownia woods. The end result?

Firewire Helium Technology Cross Section

Weight +15% weight reduction over FST
Flex Increased flex & rebound characteristic
Break Strength Higher break point due to the combination of the redesigned parabolic rails and the new composite deck skins

This represents an almost impossible combination of improvements over FST, as in most cases, a significant weight reduction over an already light technology (FST) leads to a lower break point.


In addition, the new deck skin material creates shallow footwells which enhance your connection to your board. We believe that Helium will remain at the pinnacle of surfboard technology for many years to come, and is reflected in its minimalist aesthetic that is both immediately recognisable and that will stand the test of time.