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  • CFD
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  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    In an era of exponential growth of computer technology, computer models have massively entered the realm of design and development of high-tech and high-performance products.

    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a well-established technology in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics design, where computer models are used to simulate fluid flows in a virtual environment starting from a CAD model.

    Using CFD, it is possible to explore the behavior and establish the performance of new products before being built, thus allowing for better designs, shorter development time and even reduced environmental footprint thanks to limited need for testing with real products.


    Red Fluid Dynamics

    CFD is now used at Firewire to design and develop our surfboards thanks to an exclusive partnership with RED Fluid Dynamics.

    With the help of the CFD technology, we are now able to support the experience of our shapers with a tool that can be used to explore more effectively and efficiently their ideas and intuitions and ultimately provide our team riders and customers with the most high-performance designs.

    Water flow, pressure and shear maps, hydrodynamic forces and many other flow parameters impacting the performance of each board can be visualized and evaluated within the virtual CFD environment before entering the shaping bay, giving our shapers the chance to fully unleash their creativity.

    In the CFD based development process, each one of the main features of a new design, such as the rocker, bottom contours, rail and tail shapes is refined by including the simulations in the CAD-bay-water development loop, taking surfboards design to the next level.