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FCS H-3 Nexus Tri Fin Set

FCS H-3 Nexus Tri Fin Set
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  • Overview

    The latest evolution in the H-Series fins offering hydrodynamic performance. The H-3 Nexus features a unique elliptical template, cambered foil and Tricoil flex pattern that provides remarkable speed and acceleration with controlled release through turns.


    Ideal Conditions

    A wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.


    Board types

    Recommended for all Firewire boards.

  • Construction

    Ultra Light (UL)


    Fin Sizes

    Small (55kg - 70kg)
    Medium (65kg - 80kg)
    Large (75kg - 90kg)


    Fin Specs

    Base: 4.27" / 108.0mm
    Depth: 4.31" / 109.0mm
    Area: 13.29"² / 8576mm²
    Sweep: 34.0°
    Foil: IFT/Cambered

    Base: 4.45" / 113mm
    Depth: 4.49" / 114mm
    Area: 14.44"² / 9318mm²
    Sweep: 34.0°
    Foil: IFT/Cambered

    Base: 4.64" / 118mm
    Depth: 4.65"/ 118mm
    Area: 15.66"² / 10105mm²
    Sweep: 34.0°
    Foil: IFT/Cambered

FCS H-3 Nexus Tri Fin Set