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FCS II Fat Boy PG Longboard Fin

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  • Overview

    The FCS II Fat Boy PG Longboard Fin is designed for on-rail performance and extended nose riding. It's unique bulb-like tip holds the tail in the water allowing you to seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board.


    FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fin

    The fin can be inserted, removed and adjusted in seconds.

    No screw and plate required.

    Fits a variety of existing single fin boxes.


    Board Types

    Suits most traditional and performance longboards.

  • Construction

    Performance Glass (PG)


    Fin Sizes





    Fin Specs

    Fat Boy 8"
    Base: 4.72" / 120mm
    Depth: 7.99" / 203mm
    Area: 26.74"² / 17251mm²
    Sweep: 34.8°

    Fat Boy 9"
    Base: 5.30" / 134mm
    Depth: 9.02" / 229mm
    Area: 33.84"² / 21833mm²
    Sweep: 34.8°

    Fat Boy 10"
    Base: 5.89" / 149mm
    Depth: 9.99" / 253mm
    Area: 41.77"² / 26950mm²
    Sweep: 34.8°