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FCS K-3 PC Tri Fin Set

FCS K-3 PC Tri Fin Set
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  • Overview

    Kelly Slater's signature fin with stiff Uni-Flex Carbon Technology. As an extension to the K2.1 PC, the K-3 PC template is designed for driving hard off the bottom and performing longer arc turns on open face waves and tube riding.


    Ideal Conditions

    Open face waves and barrels.


    Board types

    Recommended for all Firewire boards with FCS Fusion system.

  • Construction

    Performance Core (PC)


    Fin Size

    Medium (65kg - 80kg)


    Fin Specs

    Base: 4.33" / 110mm
    Depth: 4.53" / 115mm
    Area: 15.23"² / 9824mm²
    Sweep: 32.0°
    Foil: Flat

    Base: 4.28" / 109mm
    Depth: 4.41" / 112mm
    Area: 14.22"² / 9172mm²
    Sweep: 31.0°

FCS K-3 PC Tri Fin Set