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Firewire Sweet Potato by Dan Mann
Firewire Sweet Potato by Dan Mann

Firewire Sweet Potato 5' 4"

USD 880.00

Designer / Shaper | Dan Mann

Rails | Medium to Low Performance Rails

Bottom Contours | Double Concave

Fin Setup | 5-Fin

Tech | Helium

Remember the Sweet Potato? THE board that transformed surfing in gutless, junk waves?? Here's an improved version of the original!

The new Sweet Potato is a refined swallow-tailed funboard that converts 'flatter' days into pure enjoyment. It has an insane amount of volume in a very short template that's loose and packs tons of drive. Yes, you can now ride a shortboard in waves that would normally require a longboard.

The board's trademark deep double barrel concave splits the board in half when put on rail and driving through turns. This makes the board feel narrower than it actually is. The new swallow tail outline combined with tweaks on the bottom contours through the fins, increases the boards maneuverability for tighter pocket turns without taking away the projection and grovel speed.

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