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Kelly Slater Talks Algae Traction

January 14 2019
All about Slater Designs Traction - the world's most eco-friendly traction pads on the market today.
Fu: The True Story Of The World's Greatest Surf Wax. Photo: Sam Moody

Fu: The True Story Of The World's Greatest Surf Wax

January 8 2019

Following the Stab Wax Test, Michael Ciaramella was curious to learn more about the infamous Fu Wax from Brazil. This is their story as told by its founder, Fuad Mansur, with help from his son Guilherme.

Gabriel Medina Wins 2nd World Title and 1st Pipe Masters. Photo - Sloane / WSL

Gabriel Medina Claims 2nd World Title & 1st Pipe Masters

December 18 2018
"This is such a special day for me and I’m so happy to do it again. Julian and I always have great battles. He’s always pushing the limits, and Filipe (Toledo) too - he’s a great surfer who had a great year. I love to watch them surfing and I’m a big fan of both of them. I’m so happy to get this trophy again." – Gabriel Medina, 2x WSL World Champion.
Slater Designs Cymatic - Kelly Slater & Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson's Minds Combined

Slater Designs Cymatic - Kelly and Tomo's Minds Combined

September 13 2018

In this new edit by Peter King, Kelly talks about his meeting with Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson and his passion in designing (and testing) surfboards & fins etc. Features previously unseen footage of the Cymatic in action.

Kelly Slater waxing up the Helium & LFT Gamma before a session at the Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater Reviews The Helium & LFT Gamma

April 27 2018

The Slater Designs Gamma is the mind of an 11x World Champion distilled into one shape, built in two different Firewire proprietary techs.

Discover Kelly Slater's thoughts on both the Helium and LFT Gamma in this video shot at the Surf Ranch.

Photo: Todd Glaser

Slater Designs Cymatic

March 21 2018

Slater Designs Cymatic

Presenting the next evolution of Tomo's highly engineered Modern Planing Hulls for Slater Designs.

Kelly Slater: Surfing, Insecurity, Family, Sobriety & Relationships

August 4 2017
Kelly Slater: Surfing, Insecurity, Family, Sobriety & Relationships

A rare glimpse into the psyche of the sport of surfing's most enduring competitor and innovator can be appreciated by anyone, surfer or not...

Mark Price Talks Slater, Sustainability & WSL Ecoboards

June 19 2017

Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards

"... perhaps more importantly, he (Kelly Slater) is surfing an Ecoboard, as certified by Sustainable Surf... there's a lot of myths out there as to what an Ecoboard is, and what it's capable of doing..." – Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards

Photo © Firewire Surfboards

Continuance Tour Part 1 \\ Snapper Rocks

May 6 2017

Continuance Tour \\ Part 1

(n.): a past, present and future of chasing waves & making friends...

Few people have spent as much time on the road with Kelly (Slater) as friend and acclaimed surf photographer Todd Glaser. Todd has seen it all; from last minute strike missions to remote parts of the Pacific to fan frenzies in Tokyo & World Title wins. Here's his behind the scenes look into stop one of the 2017 WSL Tour: Snapper Rocks.

Owen Wright and Stephanie Gilmore Win Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast

March 19 2017
Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2017

"At the start of February, I was sitting in the doctor's office and there were question marks on the year... so to be sitting here right now, we just pushed hard and went hard. I confronted every fear of getting back into it." — Owen Wright

Michel Bourez Wins Billabong Pipe Masters

December 19 2016

Michel Bourez Wins 2016 Billabong Pipe Masters

"I still don't believe it... "I'm just going to regroup and have a really big party tonight. I'm super tired but the year's over now. This is huge for me." — Michel Bourez

Mick Fanning Claims Victory at J-Bay Open

July 16 2016
Mick Fanning Wins 2016 J-Bay Open

"It's definitely a very different feeling this win. There was a real emotional build up coming back here this year. That Semifinal with Julian was really special and it was wonderful to have a heat with him again. Definitely some emotions went into it paddling out and it was just really special having a surf with him out there and both of us come in safe. I'm stoked that I got to come back and right the wrongs that happened last year. I've done that now so I can move on." — Mick Fanning

Photo: WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

Shred Show x Mark Price - Firewire's Success, Kelly Slater & More

July 7 2016
Mark Price, CEO of Firewire Surfboards

An indepth interview with Firewire CEO, Mark Price - Firewire Surboards, Slater Designs and more...

Why You Should Ride A Banana...

June 22 2016
Greg Webber & Kelly Slater at Bells Beach © Tracksmag

Kelly & Greg go bananas. Photo © Tracksmag

Medina Claims 2016 Fiji Pro

June 17 2016

Gabriel Medina | WSL / Ed Sloane

“It feels amazing and I am so stoked. I just want to thank God and my family. That was a crazy week. We have been waiting for these waves and they finally came through. They were big and we got so many sets on the head. We got a lot of barrels and it was a sick event. I am just so happy.” – Gabriel Medina

Photo: WSL / Ed Sloane

Stab Cinema: Kelly Talks Slater Designs

February 10 2016
Stab Cinema: Kelly Slater Talks Slater Designs

Where it’s at, where it’s going, and more...

Kelly Slater Takes Volcom Pipe Pro 2016

February 2 2016
Kelly Slater | Photo © WSL / Freesurf / Heff

"Two years since I won an event, and it was this one. I feel good, it's obviously a great way to start the year off, it just flowed … " – Kelly Slater

Slater Designs - First Look

January 15 2016
Slater Designs © Steve Sherman

The man himself gives us a rundown on the first 3 Slater Designs models built by Firewire Surfboards...

Kelly's Wave

December 21 2015
Kelly Slater Wave Company

This is absolutely INSANE!!

Mick Fanning & Julian Wilson Split J-Bay Prize

July 20 2015

WSL News | J-Bay Shark Attack | Mick Fanning & Julian Wilson

"... @mfanno's instincts kicked into high gear and his scramble to face the shark and keep the board between them may have saved him. The scariest moment was when he turned around to face where the shark would be coming from after swimming 20 meters towards shore. I can't even imagine the vulnerability he must've felt. Great job by the contest announcers, water safety for getting right on it, @julian_wilson for paddling to help a friend out and basically everyone there to support." - Kelly Slater

Photo © WSL

Firewire Surfboards & Matt Biolos Part Ways

May 9 2015

With Kelly Slater & team onboard & also the wealth of designers that the company is already working with, Firewire have decided to part ways with Matt Biolos.

Kelly Slater's Secret Weapons

May 5 2015

The 11x world champion is more committed to refining his equipment than ever, and it's showing with his incredible surfing at Lowers

Filipe Toledo Conquers 2015 Oakley Lowers Pro

May 3 2015

In the event that saw an array of Championship Tour (CT) surfers, including Kelly Slater & Jeremy Flores, battling to protect their place in the Top 34 and going head-to-head against up-and-coming Qualifying Series (QS) talent fighting hard to join the elite tour, Filipe Toledo was the standout performer to take the win at the 2015 Oakley Lowers Pro.

Photo: Craig / Oakley

Slater Opens His Board Bag

April 7 2015

Kelly talks Tomo, the Firewire business & his Channel Islands family..

via WSL

What Will KS Ride At Bells?

March 28 2015
Here's a shot of the 11x world champ with what looks like one of Daniel Thomson's personal boar...

Shred Talks Tomo, Firewire & KS

March 12 2015

From mini-van with no windows to dream deal with Firewire: Tomo talks levitating surfboards, Kelly Slater, and why you should never be a pro surfer.