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Firewire PyzAlien. Tested.

Here's a short video from Australia's Surfing Life Board Bible of the board being tested in a variety of conditions in Indonesia.

The PyzAlien model has been working extremely well in markets where it's available since launch and has become a favourite of many surfers, from beginners to the top pros.

“This board was pretty familiar to me, similar to a lot of boards I ride at home. Paddled really well for how short it was and did what it looks like it does, skating down the line with a lot of speed. It’s got a slight double through the middle and the balance is really good, and I found I could turn it from anywhere on the board, going down the line and off the top or anywhere. It felt really comfortable in the air. I guess that's Pyzel working with JJF, as once you left the lip it stuck to your feet. I rode it as a thruster, but it’s probably more suited to a quad, being so wide in the tail. I think this is for guys who love their skatey little boards. I rode it in quite an open-faced wave and it still liked that, but that short rail line would like a sucky wave. Suits guys who like to overpower a small shape and getting that skatey feeling, and who enjoy doing airs and getting that pop off the lip.” - Andrew Mooney


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