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Service Disruption To International Shipping

April 9 2020

Due to the cancellation of flights, airport closures and the preventive measures taken by many countries globally to curb the spread of COVID-19, shipping services are currently suspended to most international destinations. Find out if your order is affected.

Provisional Olympic qualifiers at the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters © WSL / Ed Sloane

2020 Tokyo Olympics Officially Postponed

March 24 2020
"... the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo must be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021, to safeguard the health of the athletes, everybody involved in the Olympic Games and the international community." – International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee.
Calling For Unity

Calling For Unity

March 17 2020

On Monday, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced the enforcement of a 14-Day mandatory Movement Control Order, which closes all non-essential businesses. Find out how your orders will be affected.

FCS team rider Caroline Marks. 2019 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal champion. © WSL / Poullenot

Caroline Marks Closes In On Jeep Leader with Portugal Victory

October 27 2019

“I’m just trying to live in the moment but staying in the Title Race is the goal. I want to go all the way for sure, that’s so exciting. I’m not going to change anything, I’m just going to surf all day and have fun.” – Caroline Marks

FCS team rider Jeremy Flores wins the 2019 Quiksilver Pro France. © WSL / Masurel

Jeremy Flores Makes History in France

October 12 2019

“I really want to thank all the fans here on the beach. You have always been there supporting me, all those years, through the highs and lows, and I honestly could never have done this without you. I’m dedicating this win to Pierre Agnes, without whom I would never be who I am today.” - Jeremy Flores

Gabriel Medina Wins Corona Open J-Bay

Gabriel Medina Wins Corona Open J-Bay

July 20 2019

Being in the Final with another goofy-foot was amazing. All the Brazilians are doing so well and to share a Final with Italo means so much. It means a lot and this contest was really special because it’s hard to win out here. I’m back and I feel amazing. I just want to surf and do my best. The year is still long, so I’m happy with a win here.” - Gabriel Medina

Sally Fitzgibbons and Filipe Toledo Claim Victory at Oi Rio Pro. Photo: WSL / Poullenot

Sally Fitzgibbons and Filipe Toledo Claim Victory at Oi Rio Pro

June 24 2019
“A lot of people don’t know, but I’ve been going through a very difficult year personally. It’s been tough to concentrate on doing what I love most, but the crowd is what pulled me through and I’m eternally grateful. Now let’s head to another of my favorite waves at J-Bay.” – Filipe Toledo
Caroline Marks (USA) Wins 2019 Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast. Photo © WSL / Cestari.

Caroline Marks Wins Boost Mobile Pro

April 8 2019
"I was actually laughing because the first time I came to this event I was in the Trials and I just lost in the first heat every single time..." - Caroline Marks
Slater Designs Traction - Shop Online

Kelly Slater Talks Algae Traction

January 14 2019
All about Slater Designs Traction - the world's most eco-friendly traction pads on the market today.
Tracks Ride Guide 2018 - Slater Designs Cymatic Reviewed

Tracks Ride Guide 2018 - Slater Designs Cymatic Reviewed

January 9 2019

“The light materials feel sparky and responsive and I got plenty of pop out of the lip” — Sheldon Simkus.

Tracks Ride Guide: Slater Designs Cymatic.

Fu: The True Story Of The World's Greatest Surf Wax. Photo: Sam Moody

Fu: The True Story Of The World's Greatest Surf Wax

January 8 2019

Following the Stab Wax Test, Michael Ciaramella was curious to learn more about the infamous Fu Wax from Brazil. This is their story as told by its founder, Fuad Mansur, with help from his son Guilherme.

Stab Magazine's Definitive Guide To The Best Surf Wax

Stab's Definitive Guide To The Best Surf Wax

January 4 2019
"We tested as many bars of wax as we could get our grubby hands on. Here's what we found..."
Gabriel Medina Wins 2nd World Title and 1st Pipe Masters. Photo - Sloane / WSL

Gabriel Medina Claims 2nd World Title & 1st Pipe Masters

December 18 2018
"This is such a special day for me and I’m so happy to do it again. Julian and I always have great battles. He’s always pushing the limits, and Filipe (Toledo) too - he’s a great surfer who had a great year. I love to watch them surfing and I’m a big fan of both of them. I’m so happy to get this trophy again." – Gabriel Medina, 2x WSL World Champion.
FCS Freedom Leash: Available Now

FCS Freedom Leash: Available Now

October 29 2018
Lighter. Stronger. Tangle Free. The new FCS Freedom Leash is now available.
Julian Wilson wins 2018 Quiksilver Pro France. (Photo: WSL / Poullenot)

Julian Wilson Wins 2018 Quiksilver Pro France

October 12 2018
"My emotions come from dedicating this win to Pierre Agnes. He was such a beautiful human being. Thank you, Pierre. All the surfers love you. The moment of silence before the Final shook me, everything he's done for surfing here in France and I've always dreamt of winning this event."  – Julian Wilson.
Slater Designs Cymatic - Kelly Slater & Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson's Minds Combined

Slater Designs Cymatic - Kelly and Tomo's Minds Combined

September 13 2018

In this new edit by Peter King, Kelly talks about his meeting with Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson and his passion in designing (and testing) surfboards & fins etc. Features previously unseen footage of the Cymatic in action.

Gabriel Medina Takes 2nd CT Victory At Surf Ranch Pro

Gabriel Medina Takes 2nd CT Victory At Surf Ranch Pro

September 9 2018
“It was amazing to win again, especially here at the Surf Ranch, and it feels good to get a little closer to Filipe (Toledo). Filipe is so dangerous, he’s probably the best at the Surf Ranch, so it’s special to win." – Gabriel Medina
Gabriel Medina Wins Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o

Gabriel Medina Wins Tahiti Pro Teahupo'o

August 19 2018
“I love Tahiti and I’ve had some great Finals here. I’ve won here before, two second-place finishes, and another win now. I have a great family here, which is incredible. Now I can kind of start thinking about winning a World Title. I think anything is possible. There’s a couple of events to go and I just want to keep giving it my best.” – Gabriel Media.
Filipe Toledo claims back-to-back victory at the Corona Open J-Bay

Filipe Toledo Claims Back-To-Back Victory At J-Bay

July 5 2018

“When it is Finals Day, it is just something that clicks. It is now or never, and I put it all on the line. That is always my strategy, ‘Go big or go home.’ It is easy like that and I went big. Finals is one of those heats where it is first or second, there are no losers, so I just go really big and put all my work on the wave. That is why I train. That is why I’ve been really focused.”Filipe Toledo

Kolohe Andino's Signature FCS Traction

Kolohe Andino's Signature FCS Traction

June 18 2018

“When we set out to design my pad I had a pretty high benchmark. Of course, the surface of the pad needed to have a super grippy feel, but I also wanted to make the kick functional because I use that feature on the pad when I’m doing a turn”. - Kolohe Andino.

Filipe Toledo Claims 2nd Oi Rio Pro Title

Filipe Toledo Claims 2nd Oi Rio Pro Title

May 11 2018

“It is emotional to win here in Brazil in front of this crowd. Coming back home and having this amazing support from the crowd, especially for my baby Koa, it is unbelievable. My son and my family are motivation for me. I am one of those athletes who performs well under pressure. Koa means warrior and I definitely was a warrior to go out there and get that trophy.” – Filipe Toledo

Team World at the Inaugural WSL Founders' Cup. L-R Kanoa Igarashi, Paige Hareb, Jordy Smith, Bianca Buitentag, Michel Bourez

Team World Wins Inaugural WSL Founders' Cup

May 7 2018

What a weekend, what an event. Congratulations! To Team World, Bianca Buitentag, Paige Hareb, Michel Bourez and Kanoa Igarashi, led by Jordy Smith as team captain.

Design Forum: Tomo Helium Evo by Surfer Magazine

Design Forum: Tomo Helium Evo

May 3 2018

In the latest Design Forum video by Surfer Magazine, Tomo walks us through his Evo model built in Firewire's new Helium Technology.

© Surfer Magazine

Kelly Slater waxing up the Helium & LFT Gamma before a session at the Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater Reviews The Helium & LFT Gamma

April 27 2018

The Slater Designs Gamma is the mind of an 11x World Champion distilled into one shape, built in two different Firewire proprietary techs.

Discover Kelly Slater's thoughts on both the Helium and LFT Gamma in this video shot at the Surf Ranch.

Photo: Todd Glaser

Test Pilots: Rob Machado's Moonbeam

Test Pilots: Rob Machado's Moonbeam

April 3 2018

Rob Machado takes the Firewire Moonbeam for a spin and breaks down the design in this video by SURFER magazine.

Introducing the FCS II FT - Filipe Toledo's signature fin

FCS II Filipe Toledo Athlete Fin

March 27 2018

By combining the two most popular templates and using a new ultra-light 3D foam core, FCS has created the lightest fin in the range. Filipe's signature fin delivers exceptional drive and control off the bottom without hampering speed off the top as well as release through the lip that's so synonymous with his fast, aerial style of surfing.

Slater Designs Cymatic

March 21 2018

Slater Designs Cymatic

Presenting the next evolution of Tomo's highly engineered Modern Planing Hulls for Slater Designs.

Who Let The Dogs Out??

February 16 2018
Happy Chinese New Year of The Dog

May the Year of the Earth Dog bring you good health, epic surf & memorable moments with your loved ones!

Photo: Sarah Pflug

Taylor Jensen Wins James Bros Longboard Classic

February 12 2018
Taylor Jensen Wins James Bros Longboard Classic

3x World Longboard Champion, Taylor Jensen makes history at the inaugural James Bros Longboard Classic.

Photo © WSL / Paul Donovaro

Tomo SKX Review

December 15 2017
Tracks Ride Guide 2017 - Tomo SKX - Chippa Wilson

"It’s nice and light and has a little bit of nose rocker. But those channels definitely have something interesting going on there. This could be a really good air board." - Chippa Wilson.

© Tracks

Slater Designs Gamma Review

December 15 2017

Tracks Ride Guide 2017 - Slater Designs Gamma - Chippa Wilson

"I was super excited when I picked up the Gamma... it had a whole lot of spark and I was hyped. It had all the right ingredients and was a great all-rounder that was super fun to ride." - Chippa Wilson

Taylor Jensen Claims Third World Longboard Title

December 3 2017

The Podium at the Taiwan Open World Longboard Championship (L-R) Edouard Delpero (FRA), Taitung Governor Justin Huang, 2017 World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen (USA) and event runner-up Phil Rajzman (BRA). Photo: © WSL / Tim Hain

“This doesn’t feel real at the moment I’m totally tripping out on this. It has been an absolute rollercoaster of a week with losing in the quarterfinals then watching everyone fall out, then realizing I still have a chance was mind-blowing." - Taylor Jensen

Photo © WSL / Tim Hain

World Surf League (WSL) Announces 2018 Tour Schedule

November 21 2017

Julian Wilson, Bali 2013

“We’re excited about the release of the 2018 calendar, which includes some important changes designed to ensure we continue to champion the best surfing across the world and with a view to delivering long-term investment for the sport, Indonesia is universally-regarded as home to world-class waves and is a location where the League is exploring long-term opportunities for the sport. Keramas is a fantastic venue and we are stoked to go there in 2018.” – Sophie Goldschmidt, WSL CEO.

Photo © WSL / Kirstin

Filipe Toledo Wins 2017 Hawaiian Pro

November 20 2017

Filipe Toledo Wins 2017 Hawaiian Pro

"It feels amazing, it feels really amazing. I got runner up in 2015 and I felt that little taste of the victory." – Filipe Toledo

Photo © WSL / Keoki Saguibo

Ryan Hipwood Is Hungry

October 31 2017

Ryan Hipwood's clean escape during the Semifinal at Jaws earned him the first perfect 10 of the event. WSL / Aaron Lynton

"It feels like I've been in a car accident... I was just glad I didn't get knocked that first day because everyone knew the second day was just going to be flawless" – Ryan 'Hippo' Hipwood

Photo © WSL / Aaron Lynton

Gabriel Medina Claims Second-Straight Victory In Portugal

October 25 2017

Gabriel Medina claims second-straight victory in Portugal

“Before I wasn’t but now I’m definitely thinking about the title. He (John John Florence) has an advantage with more points but you know anything can happen. I want to surf Pipe so bad, I love that wave and I got some good results there in the past, and nothing’s impossible!” – Gabriel Medina

Photo © WSL / Damine Poullenot