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To prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change, we should aim to limit global average temperature increase to 1.5°C¹ above pre-industrial levels, which corresponds to reducing global annual CO₂ emissions from about 1.4 billion tons per year² to net zero by 2050.

To accomplish this, the world will need to both radically reduce the new emissions we put into the air, and remove the carbon already in the atmosphere.

By partnering with purpose-led companies, we hope to raise the awareness on climate change and the importance of sustainability within the local surf scene and the wider community.

This is achieved not only through our 1% contribution towards the reduction of CO₂, but also through the brands we represent and their engagement with environmental and humanitarian organisations such as Surfrider Foundation, Parley for the Oceans, Surfers against Sewage, Save the WavesRob Machado Foundation and more.

¹ UN Environment Emissions Gap Report 2019
² Global Carbon Budget