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FCS Welcomes Brad Gerlach To The Team

We're stoked to share this news welcoming former ASP World Tour surfer and 2005 XXL Biggest Wave Champion Brad Gerlach to the FCS Ambassador team.

‘Gerr’, as he’s known around the world, was a dominant figure in professional surfing during the late eighties/early nineties, winning several ASP events, and at one point finished runner up to Damien Hardman in the 1991 World Title race.

Since retiring from professional competition in 1992 at the tender age of 26, Brad has maintained a high profile within the surfing fraternity showcasing his fluid, stylish surfing in several popular films such as Thicker Than Water, Tear Devils 3, Step into Liquid, Billabong Odyssey, Loose Change and the September Sessions. Brad has been traveling the world in search of the best and biggest waves, he invented “The Game” format used by the X Games and the Red Bull High School Cup, and he’s also coached several top level amateur and professional surfers.

Besides still surfing at a world class level, Brad is writing a new book that illuminates his unique teaching method Wave Ki, and he’s a co-founder and the face of the recently released BANKS brand.

With almost 40 years of experience riding a surfboard, and countless hours spent in the shaping bay with legendary shapers like George Greenough, Al Merrick, Ben Aipa, Curtis Hesselgrave, Chris Christenson, Doc Lausch and Xanadu, The Gerr has an intimate understanding of surfboards and surfing hardware. This is something he’s keen to share with the younger generations both in and out of the water.

Under the role of FCS Ambassador Gerr will not only promote the full arsenal of FCS hardware including the systems, fins, leashes, traction, boardbags, and luggage, but he will be a resource for the product development team, providing valuable feedback on new and existing products.

“I’m truly honoured to be an FCS Ambassador, and I look forward to pushing the envelope and enhancing performance through good equipment choices. I’ve learned a lot over the years, and it’s such a great buzz to share knowledge and help tune fellow surfers onto what really works.”

Gerr now joins a distinguished list of influential surfers on the FCS Ambassadors Team; Mark Richards, Tom Carroll, Simon Anderson, Luke Egan, Richie Lovett, Kieren Perrow and Hawaii’s Kamalei Alexander.


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