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Need Help Choosing A Boardbag?

A Guide To FCS Surfboard Covers

From everyday use, through to the most rugged and remote travel mission, FCS surfboard covers offer a range of solutions for protecting and transporting your boards.

The range consists of two main categories, everyday use and travel. Within each category there are different shaped covers to accommodate shortboards, funboards, hybrids, hulls, longboards and also SUP’s.


FCS Stretch Cover
FCS Stretch Covers provide lightweight protection from wax, scratches, dust, UV light and are great for the car, or when simply storing your boards.


FCS Dayrunner
The FCS Dayrunner is an essential item offering the ultimate in everyday padded protection. This streamlined cover is light, durable, and will help protect your board from general wear and tear.


FCS Explorer & Dual Cover
The FCS Explorer and Dual Covers use thicker EVA protection, and have additional features that are designed for travel when you only want to take one or two boards.


FCS Travel Cover
FCS Travel Covers offer the ultimate in multiple board protection and mobility. Available with or without wheels, these covers use high density padding so your boards make it to your destination safely.


All FCS covers come in a variety of sizes. Browse the collection >


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