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Introducing Filipe Toledo's Signature Traction Pad

“I’m always making slight foot adjustments and it’s important to do this without feeling restricted, but when it’s time to push hard through a turn or launch off the lip, I want to feel really locked in. For me, this pad has a nice balance, it’ll help you feel connected and in control of your board”

Filipe’s traction pad is loaded with performance features and also provides a feel underfoot that’s unique compared to any other pads on the market.

He is one of the most progressive surfers on the planet and when developing this pad, Filipe wanted something that felt sensitive under foot, would allow for easy foot adjustments when setting up and landing airs, but would also provide a sense of control when driving through a longer turn.

FCS Filipe Toledo Signature Traction

T​he R​undown:

  • 3 Piece pad suited to performance shortboards and hybrid models with narrower tails
  • Single cut through the kick; can be spread to suit varying foot sizes and tail
  • Diamond III Groove; offset grooves on the side panels hlp lock your foot in place.
  • Drop Arch Bar; ideal for surfers with a standard shape arch who like to adjust their back foot position
  • High Kick; great for surfers who like to jam their foot far back on the tail when turning



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