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Slater Designs Gamma Review

Surfer Chippa Wilson
Model Gamma
Dimensions 5' 6" x 18 1/8 x 2 1/4 – 23.3L
Ideal Weight 65 - 70 kg
Wave Range 2 - 8 ft
Fin Setup 5-4-3 (Tri/Quad)
Rail Type Pinched
Rocker Moderate

First Impressions
Wow! the Slater Designs feels so light and skinny. It’s pretty similar to my normal shape with a squash-tail. It’s so light and I think it’d be good for airs and go well in choppy surf.

Tester’s comments
I was super excited when I picked up the Gamma because it was unique. It’s got no stringer, it’s an epoxy and the tail has a slight hip that pulls into a tight squash-tail. I rode it in 3 ft, wedgy beach breaks and it was really fun. It was super responsive; it felt like I could put the board anywhere on the wave and it would work. It was a blast. What I liked most about it, and this is hard to find in boards for me, is that you could put it anywhere. I could do a tight backside snap and then drive down the line and do an air. Whereas some boards you want that drive, and to get it you have to give up that responsive feel. This board just had it all. It could have been the flyer hip in the bottom, which you can vaguely see, or it could just be because it was epoxy and super flingy. Overall it had a whole lot of spark and I was hyped. It had all the right ingredients and was a great all-rounder that was super fun to ride.

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