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FCS II Connect Glass Flex 9.0
FCS II Connect Glass Flex 9.0
FCS II Connect Glass Flex 9.0

FCS II Connect GF Longboard Fin

USD 79.00

Suitable for a variety of conditions.

Glass Flex (GF) fins are molded from engineering grade polymer. The flex of these fins has been designed to help novice surfers maintain speed and acceleration as they learn to execute turns and maneuvers.

The FCS II Tool-less Longboard Fin can be inserted, removed and adjusted in seconds. No screw and plate required. Suits most longboards and fits a variety of existing single fin boxes.

The FCS II Connect GF Longboard Fin is a versatile, high performance fin for all conditions, allowing you to seamlessly connect your turns and move up and down the board. This fin offers a combination of drive, speed and response for modern longboarding and is 2+1 compatible.

Fin Data
Connect 7" Base: 4.99" / 126mm
Depth: 7.01" / 178mm
Area: 24.05"² / 15518mm²
Sweep: 33.7°
Connect 8" Base: 5.64" / 143mm
Depth: 7.96" / 202mm
Area: 30.71"² / 19812mm²
Sweep: 33.7°
Connect 9" Base: 6.43" / 163mm
Depth: 9.03" / 229mm
Area: 39.91"² / 25748mm²
Sweep: 34.8°
Connect 10" Base: 7.13" / 181mm
Depth: 10.01" / 254mm
Area: 49.06"² / 31653mm²
Sweep: 33.7


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