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Firewire TimberTek Gets The Gold

Firewire TimberTek Potatonator © SurfMusicArtStyle

We are pleased to announce that all Firewire TimberTEK models have been upgraded to the Sustainable Surf verification Gold Level ECOBOARD.

Sustainable Surf Verification Gold Level Ecoboard

TimberTEK has achieved this by the use of these qualified materials:

Entropy SuperSap ONE

  • 37% bio-carbon content with USDA Bio-Preferred Certification
  • Life-cycle assessment confirms reduced carbon footprint
  • Sustainable sourced bio-inputs

Sustainable grown Paulownia timber deck-skins

  • Independently certified timber supplier
  • Constitutes more than 50% of the board by weight
  • Provides significant structural integrity
  • Fast-growing: up to 20 feet per year when young



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