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Kolohe Andino's Signature FCS Traction

Kolohe Andino's Signature FCS Traction

Kolohe’s signature FCS Traction pad is truly unique. While it shares some of the same features as other FCS ‘Athlete Series’ pads, there are some custom design elements that set it apart from any other pads on the market.

“When we set out to design my pad I had a pretty high benchmark. Of course, the surface of the pad needed to have a super grippy feel, but I also wanted to make the kick functional because I use that feature on the pad when I’m doing a turn”. - Kolohe Andino.



Probably the most specialised feature on the pad. At times, Kolohe actually stands on top of the kick when he’s turning, so a severe chamfer to the edge of the kick was applied to better fit the contour of his foot. Channels are also incorporated on the chamfer to assist with toe and heal grip. The steepness and height of the kick ramp is adjusted according to Kolohe’s specifications.



After trying a number of FCS traction grooves, Kolohe liked the feel of the Double Diamond Groove, but it needed to be clustered closer together to provide optimum spacing. For his pad the spacing between the grooves was moved from 11mm spacing to 8mm to achieve the required feel underfoot.


 Kolohe Andino's Signature FCS Traction



  • 3-piece pad, spreadable, and designed to suit a variety of different tail shapes.
  • No arch bar. Watch how Kolohe surfs; lots of back foot movement and adjustments when turning and landing airs, so for that reason he prefers a flat pad.
  • Sanded surfaces for enhanced grip, and strategically placed perforations for extra resistance.
  • Cut-out for leash plug.
  • 3 colour ways with visual references that tie back to his signature fin.


Kolohe Andino's Signature FCS Traction




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