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Firewire Surfboards & Matt Biolos Part Ways

Firewire Mayhem Sub-Scorcher

Manufacturer of high-tech eco-surfboards, Firewire and Matt Biolos, shaper extraordinaire of San Clemente based ...Lost Surfboards, have parted ways.

As we all know, Firewire have been partners with Matt Biolos (aka Mayhem) for several years producing some of the most sought after shapes in Firewire technology to date including the Mini Driver, Stealth, Sub-Scorcher, and Round Nose Fish.

With the addition of Kelly Slater and his team bringing new ideas and direction to Firewire Surfboards, and also the wealth of other designers that the company is already blessed to work with (Daniel Thomson, Dan Mann, Nev Hyman, Jon Pyzel, and Gary Linden) – Firewire have decided that it was best to part ways with Matt and the ...Lost crew.

"We still have the utmost respect for him (Matt), his team and there is certainly nothing but goodwill wished from either side." - Firewire Surfboards

Mayhem's latest design, the Round Nose Fish, will still continue to be produced in Firewire's TimberTEK construction through 2015, but all other …Lost models that were previously made are now collectors' only and will no longer be available for new orders going forward.

There are a limited number of these boards in the market currently so if you're lucky enough to come across any, grab em' fast!


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