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Shred Show x Mark Price - Firewire's Success, Kelly Slater & More

Mark Price, CEO of Firewire Surfboards

An indepth interview with Firewire CEO, Mark Price - Firewire Surboards, Slater Designs and more...

Firewire Surfboards & Matt Biolos Part Ways

With Kelly Slater & team onboard & also the wealth of designers that the company is already working with, Firewire have decided to part ways with Matt Biolos.

How To Choose The Right Board

Jesse Merle-Jones, on the right board at the right time. Photo: Glaser

I’ve been riding the wrong boards most of my life. As a pro surfer, that may sound weird, but it’s true. I rode a standard thruster and I was bored with surfing. I was narrow-minded and against change and figured that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But then something changed. A friend of mine let me borrow a board that shattered everything. It was epoxy, it was small, it was thick. And I felt as if I’d traded in my Corolla for a Ferrari... —Jesse Merle-Jones

Firewire x Pyzel

"Jon Pyzel is clearly one of the best shortboard designers around and we're excited about the o...

What She Rode: Sally Fitzgibbons

Re-post from SURFER Magazine The magic board & fins that Sally Fitzgibbons rode to victory...