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Kelly Slater Talks Algae Traction

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Kelly is hard to catch so when he dropped by the Firewire headquarters in December last year, the crew grasped him tightly like the diamond grooves of the Slater Designs Algae Traction Pad*.

These Algae Traction Pads are made out of algae sourced from freshwater habitats at risk of toxic algal bloom. It’s a problem in many places like Kelly’s home state of Florida, and it has earned much media attention recently.

What causes it? Well, agricultural runoff, excessive fertilizer used in surrounding areas, poor water circulation, all sorts of things. While no one has got a grip on what the whole solution is but the folks at Slater Designs have got a handle on how to use some of the algal overgrowth to keep your surfboard gripped tightly to your feet.

Learn more about Toxic Algal Bloom through Surfrider right here. And learn more about BLOOM Algae Foam here.

Each Slater Designs pad represents 28 Gallons (106 Litres) of filtered, clean water returned to the natural environment. And CO2 kept from entering the atmosphere equivalent to 22 party balloons filled with Helium.

By choosing this traction, you are helping to make the world a cleaner place.

*Ships in February 2019.


If you're wondering how these traction pads will look on the Sci-Fi and Onmi, check out the video below:


And, if you wanna know how Kelly puts on his traction pad, watch the video below.


Ready to help make the world a cleaner place?


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