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Kelly Slater Talks Algae Traction

All about Slater Designs Traction - the world's most eco-friendly traction pads on the market today.
Team World at the Inaugural WSL Founders' Cup. L-R Kanoa Igarashi, Paige Hareb, Jordy Smith, Bianca Buitentag, Michel Bourez

Team World Wins Inaugural WSL Founders' Cup

What a weekend, what an event. Congratulations! To Team World, Bianca Buitentag, Paige Hareb, Michel Bourez and Kanoa Igarashi, led by Jordy Smith as team captain.

Kelly Slater waxing up the Helium & LFT Gamma before a session at the Surf Ranch

Kelly Slater Reviews The Helium & LFT Gamma

The Slater Designs Gamma is the mind of an 11x World Champion distilled into one shape, built in two different Firewire proprietary techs.

Discover Kelly Slater's thoughts on both the Helium and LFT Gamma in this video shot at the Surf Ranch.

Photo: Todd Glaser

Slater Designs Cymatic

Slater Designs Cymatic

Presenting the next evolution of Tomo's highly engineered Modern Planing Hulls for Slater Designs.

Mark Price Talks Slater, Sustainability & WSL Ecoboards

Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards

"... perhaps more importantly, he (Kelly Slater) is surfing an Ecoboard, as certified by Sustainable Surf... there's a lot of myths out there as to what an Ecoboard is, and what it's capable of doing..." – Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards

Photo © Firewire Surfboards

SBIA Awards - Another Milestone For Slater Designs & Firewire Surfboards

Slater Designs & Firewire Surfboards at the 2017 SBIA Awards

The SBIA annual awards, which celebrate the high achievers of Australia’s multi-million dollar surf industry, attracted 200 retailers and brand representatives from across the country to the Crowne Plaza in Coogee, Sydney...

Photo © Firewire Surfboards

Historic Night for Firewire at the 14th Annual SIMA Awards

14th Annual SIMA Awards

Established in 2003, the SIMA Awards is the only awards program that gives SIMA members and surf specialty retailers the opportunity to recognise fellow surf industry companies for their outstanding contributions to the surf industry.

Clay Marzo Tests Slater Designs Omni

Clay Marzo on Slater Designs Omni

"Once it hits the lip it just accelerates, so its good for blasting big turns... An amazing board for doing your biggest, most progressive turn or air." — Clay Marzo

Taj Burrow Tests Slater Designs Sci-Fi

"The major thing I noticed about this board and it’s tech was that it rode really smoothly and it linked turns together really well. It kept its speed, which was really nice. It felt like it had a good, continuous flex; it wasn’t a short, snappy twinge of a flex, it was a good, drawn-out, drivey flex..." — Taj Burrow

Slater Designs Sci-Fi Explained (Take Two)

Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson

Slater Designs Sci-Fi explained (take two)...


Shred Show x Mark Price - Firewire's Success, Kelly Slater & More

Mark Price, CEO of Firewire Surfboards

An indepth interview with Firewire CEO, Mark Price - Firewire Surboards, Slater Designs and more...

Why You Should Ride A Banana...

Greg Webber & Kelly Slater at Bells Beach © Tracksmag

Kelly & Greg go bananas. Photo © Tracksmag

Stab Cinema: Kelly Talks Slater Designs

Stab Cinema: Kelly Slater Talks Slater Designs

Where it’s at, where it’s going, and more...

Slater Designs - First Look

Slater Designs © Steve Sherman

The man himself gives us a rundown on the first 3 Slater Designs models built by Firewire Surfboards...