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Slater Designs Cymatic - Kelly and Tomo's Minds Combined

Slater Designs Cymatic - Kelly Slater & Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson's Minds Combined

In this new edit by Peter King, Kelly talks about his meeting with Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson and his passion in designing (and testing) surfboards & fins etc. Features previously unseen footage of the Slater Designs Cymatic in action.

"I met Tomo when he was like eight, and I was eighteen, at Lennox. I was with Tom Carroll. And.. you know, Firewire, we have maybe the cleanest surfboard factory in the world. There's probably less waste than any other board manufacturer that exists..."Kelly Slater

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Sale - FCS Essential Leashes

Julian Wilson wins 2018 Quiksilver Pro France. (Photo: WSL / Poullenot)

Julian Wilson Wins 2018 Quiksilver Pro France


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