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Test Pilots: Rob Machado's Moonbeam

Test Pilots: Rob Machado's Moonbeam

Rob Machado takes the Firewire Moonbeam for a spin and breaks down the design in this video by SURFER magazine.

SurfAid Cup 2017 - Team Firewire

SurfAid Cup Malibu 2017

In 2016 Team Firewire won the SURFAID Cup Malibu, but an even bigger win was achieved with the help of people who contributed nearly $15,000 to SURFAID...

Mark Price Talks Slater, Sustainability & WSL Ecoboards

Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards

"... perhaps more importantly, he (Kelly Slater) is surfing an Ecoboard, as certified by Sustainable Surf... there's a lot of myths out there as to what an Ecoboard is, and what it's capable of doing..." – Mark Price, CEO, Firewire Surfboards

Photo © Firewire Surfboards

Happy Father's Day!

The Machados - #travellingchados: a family that travels together stays together

Here's our way of saying thank you to all the dads around the world...

Photo © Reef

Rob Machado Is Designed For Defying Time

Rob Machado Is Designed For Defying Time

The good folks at Hurley just dropped an edit featuring a surfer who needs no introduction... and an interesting new board that he has designed in collaboration with Firewire Surfboards.

Shred Show x Mark Price - Firewire's Success, Kelly Slater & More

Mark Price, CEO of Firewire Surfboards

An indepth interview with Firewire CEO, Mark Price - Firewire Surboards, Slater Designs and more...

Firewire Welcomes Rob Machado

Firewire Welcomes Rob Machado

"I'm so excited to be working with the crew at Firewire. I've been designing boards for many years now and it's going to be really cool to see those designs come to life in the firewire construction. Their focus on producing the most environmentally conscious surfboards is unmatched by anyone in the industry and it makes me feel that much better about the boards we are making." - Rob Machado

Photo: Todd Glaser